The University Library includes the Chancellor Paterson Library, which is the main library for the University, the Education Library, which primarily serves the Faculty of Education, and the Orillia Campus libraries. The materials and resources within these libraries represent the largest research collection in Northwestern Ontario.

Message from the University Librarian

We are very excited and proud to launch our new library website.

I started at Lakehead University in May 2015. If you’re also new to Lakehead University I hope your first few months have been as welcoming as mine.

There are two important long-term trends in libraries today: increasing the accessibility of research content, as well as rethinking library spaces to foster more hands-on activities and collaborative learning opportunities. The transition from a library with rows and rows of print material to a hustling and bustling hive of student activity is underway. For librarians and library staff this is a challenging and exciting time. For students that are used to carrying around access to a world of information in their pocket it seems like business as usual!

As we embark on planning for the next few years we will emphasize the need to strengthen connections between the library and our students and faculty, to align with the university’s overarching mission and strategic planning, in addition to fostering technology-rich physical and virtual spaces.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions or comments.

The University Librarian

August 2015