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The following videos provide general tips on search tools and strategies that will help with your research. To view any video full size, click the YouTube logo at the bottom of the video.

Getting Started

Overview of the OMNI Search System

OMNI is the primary search tool for books, articles, films, and more, at the Lakehead University Libraries.

Google Scholar Linking to our E Resources

How to connect Google Scholar to your Lakehead account to bypass paywalls and see the resources available to you as a member of Lakehead University.

Omni vs Subject Specific Article Databases

When to use the OMNI search system, and when to use a subject specific article database.


Omni for E-Books

How to use OMNI to locate electronic books and online encyclopedias.

Finding & Requesting Print Books in Omni

This video demonstrates using OMNI to find print books at Lakehead, and how to request books from other universities.


Finding Journal Articles with Omni

This video describes using OMNI to search for academic journal articles.

Find Online Newspapers

How to search for Canadian and international newspaper articles.

Education Indexes for Finding Journal Articles

How to search for articles specifically within the field of Education, via databases like ERIC and Education Source.

Citing and Writing


Zotero is both a free and powerful tool which helps you collect, organize, and cite your research. This video demonstrates how Zotero can greatly assist your research and citing process.

Citing! Tips, Tricks and Tools

Looking for help doing your citations? This video demonstrates resources and tools which will help you cite in APA, MLA, and other citation styles.

Indigenous Library Research

Indigenous Resources Research

This video discusses a variety of ways to research indigenous topics and issues via the Lakehead Libraries.

Lakehead Archives

Accessing the Archives at Lakehead University

The Lakehead Archives are located on the 5th floor of the Paterson Library in Thunder Bay. Watch this video for instructions on how to access the Archives (Summer 2020)

Archival Documents at Lakehead University

Watch this video for instructions on how to access archival documents.

Photographs at Lakehead University Archives

Watch this video for instructions on accessing photographs at the Lakehead University Archives.

Tour of the Lakehead University Archives

Watch this video for a guided tour of the Archives. Autumn 2020.