The University Library is responsible for securing the library’s scholarly resources and safeguarding its collections and equipment against theft and abuse. The Library also aims to maintain an atmosphere conducive to study and research. Library users are expected to show consideration of the rights of others, and should behave in a manner which does not inconvenience or offend others in matters of study space, noise, littering, or general conduct.

The Library has established the following Code of Conduct which addresses the use and protection of the collections, the building, equipment and the library environment. The following regulations apply in all Lakehead University Libraries including The Chancellor Paterson Library, Education Library and Orillia Campus Library.

Other relevant University policies include:

Use of Library Materials

Library materials may be removed from the Library only when they have been checked out at the Circulation Desk or when authorization has been obtained. Library resources, equipment and furniture should be treated with care and should not be mutilated, defaced or otherwise damaged.

The concealing or reserving without library authorization, of material in the Library for the exclusive use of an individual or group is not permitted.

When the Library security alarm at the Circulation Desk has been activated, the user is required upon request to submit backpacks, bags, etc. for inspection.

Food and Drink

In the Library study areas, food and non-alcoholic beverages in containers with lids may be consumed under the following conditions:

  • Care should be taken when consuming food or beverages in order to prevent damage to books, equipment, furnishings and carpets.
  • All garbage and waste materials must be disposed of in the proper receptacles. Many trash cans and recycling bins are available in all libraries. If disposing of beverages, pour liquids into the washroom sinks before recycling or throwing away the containers.
  • Any spills or leftover refuse should be reported to staff immediately.
  • The delivery of food/beverages is not permitted.

Food and drink are not permitted in these specific areas:

  • Northern Studies Resource Centre
  • Archives (The Chancellor Paterson Library)
  • Computer labs

Quiet Areas

All Library users are entitled to a respectful environment in which to work. Loud conversation or other disturbing noise is an inconvenience to others. In consideration of other library users, please respect quiet library study area designations and noise level expectations, and modify levels of conversation and activity accordingly.

Personal Property

Personal items should not be left in the Library unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property. The Library asks that you refrain from the informal reservation of space by depositing personal effects for prolonged periods.

Furniture Relocation

Students are requested not to rearrange Library furniture beyond normal use. Furniture must not block aisles, exits and doorways, interfere with the flow of traffic, or endanger the health and safety of users.


Photographing, filming or video/audio recording is prohibited without express prior permission. Please contact Media Relations,  807-343-8177,


Children must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their safety and supervision.


Regulations apply to all Library users, including external borrowers and casual visitors. Students who disregard these regulations may be subject to University discipline as set down in the Lakehead University Code of Student Behaviour and Disciplinary Procedures. Other library users may have their borrowing privileges revoked, may be asked to leave the building or may be banned from the Library.