Lakehead University Library will attempt to provide our books in an alternative format for Lakehead students and faculty with a documented print disability.


To use this service, students need to document their print disability with Student Accessibility Services. Once confirmed, Student Accessibility Services will provide you with a unique Token (password) required for placing and obtaining requests.

Faculty can request a unique Token by contacting The Library will then verify your eligibility with Human Resources.

The Token

The Token is a unique password that confirms your eligibility to A) submit requests and B) download requests once processed. Tokens are valid from September to August and must be re-issued upon expiry. Please do not share your Token with anyone and report lost Tokens immediately.

Make a request through the Library Catalogue

  1. Search the Library Catalogue
  2. When you find the book you want, look for the "Request an Accessible Copy" link in the item's record (located on the far right). This link will take you to an auto-filled request form.
  3. Enter your Lakehead email address and Token.

Instead of finding the item in the catalogue you can:

  1. Complete the Request an Accessible Copy form
  2. Enter your Lakehead email address and Token.

Receiving Requests

The Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) is where your requests are ultimately uploaded to. You can login to download your request using the same Token used to complete the request form. Items are uploaded in 5 different formats: PDF, B&W PDF, DAISY, TXT and ePub.

If you require a different format or different delivery method please indicate this in the request form using the additional comments box. Token holders may log into ACE not only to download their specific requests, but also to browse and download the inventory of previously uploaded Lakehead requests.


Upon submission, the Library will email you shortly thereafter to acknowledge your request. A second email will be sent letting you know whether your request can be processed, as well as to ask you for any additional details needed to complete your request. Processing times vary from item to item. We will attempt to provide some indication of how long your request will take to fill in our follow up email to you. We will then email you again to let you know when your request has been uploaded and is ready for download or delivery.

Items Not in the Lakehead University Library Collection

Request books and journal articles not in the Lakehead University Library collection via RACER Interlibrary Loan, indicating your preferred alternative format (e.g. PDF) in your request. We'll then confirm your eligibility and do our best to deliver materials to you in the alternative format requested.


Questions, comments or concerns? Please contact

You may also contact Student Accessibility Services via email at or via telephone at (807) 343-8047.

All efforts are made to respect the confidentiality of those that utilize this service.