Rightsizing: Introducing the Weeding Project

Over the coming months we will be embarking on a project to make more space in the Chancellor Paterson Library for students. This means we will be removing from the collection: bound print journals that are available online in our library databases selected print books located in the main stacks on the 3rd and 4th floors selected items that are in our "storage" collection located on the ground floor (very) selected items in our government publications section on the ground floor

RACER - Back to normal

For the past four days, RACER servers have been consistently and maliciously attacked. The attacker is trying to brute force login. We’ve been blocking their IPs as fast as we can, but the hackers have consistently been switching IPs. We’ve had to temporarily;restrict the RACER login page to OCUL IPs while we figure out a better solution. On-campus users will have no issue, but Racer from off-campus won't work until this is fixed.