Education Books Identified for Weeding

Attached is a list of books that have been identified for removal from the Education Library Collection. Please note that many of these titles were selected because they are duplicate copies, newer editions are available, condition is poor, and/or have low circulation statistics. If you have concerns or questions regarding any of these titles please let Gisella Scalese (gscalese@lakeheadu.ca) know by Friday April 21, 2017. All of books identified for weeding will be available in the Education Library until April 21, 2017. You are welcome to drop by and check the titles in person.

Where did the microforms go?

To get ready for construction on the ground floor we've moved the microform cabinets from the Ground floor to LI-5003. The user aids/guides to the collections are also available there. The digital scanner from Ground floor is now in Northern Studies Resource Centre (NSRC). The catalogue location for the microfilm and microfiche collections in LI-5003 has been changed to indicate their new location, including the room number. During regular weekday hours (8:30 to 4:30), users can go to LI-5003 and staff will assist in locating the proper material. Users can then go to NSRC to view the material. At other times ask staff at the Circulation Desk on the main floor for assistance.