University Collection

The University Collection maintains a historical record of the University's life through publications of the University and the faculty. University publications consist of those for which the University, a particular department, school, or faculty, or university group is the author. The collection also includes consultant reports commissioned by the University.

Faculty publications consist of books, either written or edited by faculty members while employed by Lakehead University.
NSRC University Collection

Regional Collection

NSRC Regional CollectionThe Regional Collection is comprised of material relating to local, regional and northern Ontario issues and is divided into two parts based on geographical area.

Northwestern Ontario - Districts of Thunder Bay, Rainy River and Kenora.

This collection is comprehensive in its scope and contains material relating to local history, municipal government, forestry, geological surveys, public health issues, parks and tourism, native peoples, Aboriginal treaties, environmental assessments, mining and exploration, and a thorough coverage of all other subject areas of possible research interest. Special features include many rare publications from the early days of Port Arthur and Fort William.

Remainder of Northern Ontario - Districts of Cochrane, Algoma, Sudbury, Timiskaming, Nipissing, Manitoulin and Parry Sound.

This part of the Regional Collection is less comprehensive in its scope than the northwestern Ontario portion. The major subject areas represented in the collection include economic development, labour-management relations, resource conflict mechanisms, health care, local government, native peoples, industrial planning, transportation, social service delivery, ecology and resource management.


North Collection

Publications in this collection relate to Canada's provincial norths (except northern Ontario), the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut and similar regions world wide. The subject areas represented in this collection are similar to those listed for the Regional Collection.

Additional content includes Aboriginal history and culture, natural resources, social services, climate change, arctic sovereignty, economic development, fur trade and the Hudson Bay Company, and geography of arctic regions.

NSRC - North Collections

Microfilm / Microfiche Collections

The microform holdings are substantial and contain a number of significant collections. Resources include the RG-10 collection (Record Group 10) which contains the records created by the Department of Indian Affairs and its predecessors; the historical Trading Post Records from the Hudson's Bay Company; and an extensive collection of local and regional newspapers. A microfilm/microfiche reader/printer is available on site.

NSRC - Microfile/Microfichee collections

Northern Studies Resource Centre (NSRC)

The Northern Studies Resource Centre was established in 1988 in conjunction with Lakehead University’s Lakehead Centre for Northern Studies. Originally created to encourage interest in northern and regional research, it has continued to expand its collection to become a significant depository of materials which focus on northern issues. The collection is multifaceted and contains print materials, electronic databases, microfilm/microfiche, maps, and more. The resource centre has become an important component of the research conducted by students and faculty of Lakehead University.

For information regarding the Northern Studies Resource Centre, please call (807) 343-8728.

The Centre houses several special collections: Regional, North, and University. Each collection focuses on a separate geographic area or mandate.

The Centre is open to all Lakehead University students, staff, faculty, and interested members of the community.