Past Exam Exemption Request Form

Lakehead University provides to students the past three years of final undergraduate examinations for viewing in PDF format via myCourseLink.

If you are an instructor who does not wish to have your examination(s) posted, please complete the form below up to one month after your exam has been written. Your exemption will remain in place for three years, unless otherwise indicated.

1st and 2nd year courses: You will need a written letter of support outlining your rationale for the exemption to be provided by your Chair or Director to your Dean. All exemptions require the approval of your Dean, as well as the provision of a mock examination to have posted in its place.

3rd, 4th and 5th year courses: You are simply required to notify your Dean of the exemption request. The provision of a mock examination to have posted in its place is encouraged. 

For more information, see the Senate Regulation on past examinations or email

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Please upload a mock exam.
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I hereby certify that the information provided is correct and that I have followed all procedures as outlined in the Senate Regulation on past examinations.