More RACER Info

What is RACER?

RACER is a system used to submit Interlibrary Loan requests online. Registered Lakehead users can easily place and track the status of their requests.

RACER also allows users to quickly search for materials across multiple library collections. For example, all Ontario Universities or all Canadian Universities can be searched at once. All requesters should first check Lakehead's Online Catalogue and the Electronic Journals available on the Library's web page to ensure that the desired material is not already available in our own collection.

How to Request Materials:

Use the RACER system to place all requests. If you are a first time user, register for an account and then return to the interlibrary loan page to login. In RACER, conduct a search to find the book you want and click "Get it" to activate a request form. When requesting articles in RACER, you must search by the journal title to find a record for the title you need. You will then be required to complete the request by including important article details like; title, author, date of publication, page range, etc. A separate request form is required for each book or article you require. Article requests can also be placed using the blank request form on the left side menu, if necessary.

Additional instructions are available in the RACER users guide (pdf) or through the online RACER Tutorials.

Requesting articles cited in databases using Get It

When you find an article in one of the library databases, click the "get it" button to see if the article is available online or from the Lakehead Print journal collection. If the article is not available in our collection, the "Request item not held at Lakehead" option will appear. Click "Go" to access your RACER account and place a request for the article. Publication details should be transferred from the article database to a RACER request form. Provide your login details on that request form and then submit your request.

Blank Request Forms:

Still can't find what you need? Then fill out a blank RACER request form: