Rightsizing: Introducing the Weeding Project

Library Budget Presentation 2016 17.009.jpeg

Over the coming months we will be embarking on a project to make more space in the Chancellor Paterson Library for students.

This means we will be removing from the collection:

  • bound print journals that are available online in our library databases
  • selected print books located in the main stacks on the 3rd and 4th floors
  • selected items that are in our "storage" collection located on the ground floor
  • (very) selected items in our government publications section on the ground floor

Liaison Librarians will be identifying books for deselection in their subject areas and will be working closely with faculty to review items prior to removal. Criteria for weeding or de-selection include, relevancy, condition, past circulation, superceded editions and other criteria relevant to a particular discipline.

Lists of items identified for de-selection and further communications about the project will be posted on the Library Blog and also communicated directly to library departmental representatives.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Louise Wuorinen (807-343-8856, louise.wuorinen@lakeheadu.ca) or your liaison librarian.