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    Journal Cancellations

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2016-10-11 Blog Tags: journal cancellations | budget reductions
    After consultation with faculty-library representatives, we have identified 46 journal titles for cancellations, estimated to save the library over $30,000 in the 2016/17 fiscal year. List of cancellation candidates (need LU login to view) If you have any concerns with the cancellations please contact: Karen Keiller Univeristy Librarian…
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    Database and Journal Reductions 2016 Discussion Document

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2016-09-13 Blog Tags: journal cancellations | database cancellations | collections budget

    With the impact of the Canadian exchange rate and inflationary pressures the Library needs to make a reduction in our spending for collections of approximately $190,000. We have decided to target databases and individual journal subscriptions and to protect the budget for print monographs in 2016/17. 

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    Where did the microforms go?

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2016-04-28 Blog Tags: microforms | microfilm | Weeding Project
    To get ready for construction on the ground floor we've moved the microform cabinets from the Ground floor to LI-5003. The user aids/guides to the collections are also available there. The digital scanner from Ground floor is now in Northern Studies Resource Centre (NSRC). The catalogue location for the microfilm and microfiche collections in…
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    Ontario Open Access: Accelerating Science

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2016-03-21 Blog Tags: open access | open government
    I attended Ontario Open Access: Accelerating Science organized by Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation on March 18, 2016. It was a one-day symposium to discuss the challenges, opportunities and perspectives of open access in Ontario. twitter #oaon John Willininsky (author of The Access Principle: The Case for Open Access to Research and…
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    Can-Core Post Secondary

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2016-03-02 Blog Tags: trial | videos | streaming
    We have a 30 day trial of Can-Core. http://www.can-core.ca (on campus only) Username: Lakehead Password: guestpass "Can-Core is a core curriculum content platform created by McIntyre Media Inc. for use in Canadian schools. The content is 100% Canadian Produced and has been selected for its strong…
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    Rightsizing: Introducing the Weeding Project

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2016-02-12 Blog Tags: collection | open access | racer
    Over the coming months we will be embarking on a project to make more space in the Chancellor Paterson Library for students. This means we will be removing from the collection: bound print journals that are available online in our library databases selected print books located in the main stacks on the 3rd and 4th floors selected…
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    RACER - Back to normal

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2016-02-11 Blog Tags: racer | emergency message | document delivery
    For the past four days, RACER servers have been consistently and maliciously attacked. The attacker is trying to brute force login. We’ve been blocking their IPs as fast as we can, but the hackers have consistently been switching IPs. We’ve had to temporarily;restrict the RACER login page to OCUL IPs while we figure out a better solution. On-…
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