Display Policy

The Chancellor Paterson Library display space is available to exhibit materials which support the university’s mission, programs and services.  The Library encourages the use of the windows by on-campus groups and departments although priority is given to library originated displays.

The Library develops a schedule of displays on a regular basis to:

  • Promote the use of the collection with a focus on academic themes, or those which highlight campus events and programs, as well as local or national calendar events important to the Lakehead University academic community;
  • Build partnerships with other Lakehead University departments and on-campus groups.

Display Guidelines

  • Space:  The display window is located on the Main Floor of the  Library across from the Circulation Desk, The space measures 3’ 10” (H), 7’ 8 ½ ” (W) and 17 ½ “ (D) and is locked. Two glass shelves are included in the space.
  • Identification:  The display must include a clearly visible sign which states the name of the organization.
  • Duration:  The period of display is usually one calendar month.  Future exhibit space may be requested following the removal of the current exhibit.
  • Installation and Removal:  Those groups booking the display space are responsible for setting up and removing the display at the beginning of the month.  Library assistance can be provided when required for planning the display as well as the arrangement and content of the display.  Groups should bring their own materials/objects for the display.
  • Aesthetics:  Effective displays are professional looking with relevant materials, a cohesive theme and clear signage. Displays may include books, book jackets, journals, art objects and other items which visually add to the exhibit.
  • Publicity:  Displays may not be publicized in a manner which suggests Library sponsorship or affiliation.  The provision of display space for public use does not constitute library endorsement of the beliefs or viewpoints advocated by the displays, or the group responsible for the displays.
  • Liability:  The Library does not take responsibility or assume liability for materials in the display space.
  • Request:  Those requesting the use of display space please call 807-343-8729 or researchhelp@lakeheadu.ca