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    Posted by: Debra Gold on 2018-03-01

    The Library has access to Erudit.

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    PubMed Central Canada

    Posted by: Debra Gold on 2018-02-26

    PubMed Central Canada website is now closed permanently

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    More lists for HC (Economics)

    Posted by: Moira Davidson on 2018-01-18 Blog Tags: Weeding Project

    These 4 lists complete the weeding project for the HC (Economic history and conditions) section of the Paterson Library's collection.  If there are any titles on these lists that you feel should be retained, please contact Moira Davidson (, 343-8315) before Feb.

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    The Hill Times - trial

    Posted by: Debra Gold on 2018-01-18

    The Library has a trial of The Hill Times until February 19, 2018

    What is the Hill Times?

    The Hill Times is an Ottawa-based newspaper which offers extensive coverage of Canadian federal politics and global affairs.

    Check it out: 

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    Sessional Papers Have a New Home

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2017-12-19
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    Accessing Cabells Scholarly Analytics

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2017-12-18 Blog Tags: predatory publishing


    Wondering what journal you should publish in? Worried about being duped by a predatory publisher?

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    NBER Working Papers

    Posted by: Debra Gold on 2017-11-15

    The Library now has access to National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers.

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    October Library & Teaching Commons News

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2017-11-06 Blog Tags: News

    The October issue of Library & Teaching Commons news is now available.

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    September Library and Teaching Commons Newsletter

    Posted by: Karen Keiller on 2017-09-18 Blog Tags: News

    The September summary of news from the Library and Teaching Commons is now available.

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    ScienceDirect Topics

    Posted by: Debra Gold on 2017-09-18

    Elsevier launches ScienceDirect Topics to help researchers quickly build their knowledge and save valuable time searching.


    ScienceDirect Topics will provide researchers with:

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