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Biological Abstracts

- Covers periodicals in theoretical and applied biology.(more info)

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Pollution Abstracts

- Air, marine, freshwater, sewage, waste management pollution

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Web of Science

- Multidisciplinary index to the journal literature of the arts and humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Includes cited reference searching.

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Additional Databases


This guide lists selected print and electronic sources of information on ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES. It is intended to provide useful starting points for doing research in the library or on the Internet. For more general electronic reference sources, see Online Encyclopedias, etc.  For further assistance, ask at the Reference Desk on the Main Floor of the Library.


Clarke, Robin T. and Jannet King. The water atlas. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. GB 671 C54 2004).

Dow, Kirstin. The atlas of climate change: mapping the world's greatest challenge. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. QC 981.8 C5D69 2006). With more than fifty full-color maps and graphics, this resource examines the signs of climate change--glacial and polar melting, rising sea levels, erratic weather patterns--and explains how global warming is being driven by the emission of greenhouse gases. It looks at the serious implications of these changes for food and water supplies, human health, sensitive ecologies, vulnerable cities, and cultural treasures--especially in those countries lacking the resources to adapt.

Fierro, Pedro Jr. and Evan K. Nyer (eds.). The water encyclopedia: hydrologic data and Internet resources. 3rd ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. TC 403 W38 2007). Contains more than 1,100 tables and 500 figures providing data related to weather, surface water, ground water, water quality, waste water, pollution, and water resource management.

Human activity and the environment: annual statistics. (Census Publications CA1 BS16 C201) Available from the Library's home page (Click on Find It/Data Sources/ Statistics Canada Publications/16-201XIE)

One planet, many people: atlas of our changing environment. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Atlases GE 149 O53 2005).

World environmental databook 2008/2009. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: HC 79 E5W94 2008). Presents environmental statistics across 71 countries worldwide. This title provides an insight into the state of the environment of each nation and includes detailed date of land area, agricultural use and output, energy resources, output and consumption, pollution, waste management, pesticide consumption and conservation.


Gregorich, E.G. (ed). Soil and environmental science dictionary. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. S 592 S59 2002).

Pfafflin, James R. The dictionary of environmental science and engineering. 2nd ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref GE 10 P43 2008).

Tilleman, William A. The dictionary of environmental law and science. 2nd ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. GE 10 D43 2005).


Bortman, Marci (ed.).  Environmental encyclopedia.  For online version click here.

Geist, Helmut (ed.). Our earth's changing land: an encyclopedia of land-use and land-cover change. 2 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. GF 90 O87 2006).

Goudie, A.S. (ed). Encyclopedia of geomorphology. 2 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. GB 400.3 E53 2004).

Hillel, Daniel (ed). Encyclopedia of soils in the environment. 4 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref S 592 E524 2005).

Holton, James R. (ed). Encyclopedia of atmospheric sciences. 6 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. QC 854 E522 2003).

Krech, Shepard, John Robert McNeill and Carolyn Merchant (eds). Encyclopedia of world environmental history. 3 vols. (Ref. GE 10 E63 2004).

Lal, Rattan (ed.) Encyclopedia of soil science. 2nd ed. 2 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. S 592 E53 2006).

Levin, Simon A. (ed). Encyclopedia of biodiversity. 5 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. QH 541.15 B56E53 2001).

McGraw-Hill dictionary of environmental science. (GE 10 electronic book) Available through the Library's Online Catalogue

Montgomery, John H. Groundwater chemicals: desk reference. 4th ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. TD 426 M66 2007).  Contains more than 1,650 additional references, including adsorption data for more than 800 organic compounds and metals, Henry's Law constants for 1,850 compounds, solubility data for over 2,500 data  for 1,100 compounds, more than 31,000 synonyms, and 2,224 degradation products cross-referenced to parent compounds.

Oliver, John E. (ed.). Encyclopedia of world climatology. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. QC 854 E526 2005).

Philander, S. George (ed.).  Encyclopedia of global warming and climate change.  For online version click here.

Pretty, Jules. Sustainable agriculture and food. 4 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. S 494.5 S86S98 2008).

Robbins, Paul (ed.).  Encyclopedia of environment and society.  For online version click here.

Unger, Paul W. Soil and water conservation handbook: policies, practices, conditions, and terms. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. S 624 A1U54 2006).


Canadian environmental directory. 13th ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref TD 171.5 C2C3 2008)

Canadian environmental law guide. 2 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. KE 3617.5 C35)

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