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Bibliography of Native North Americans

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America: History & Life

- Bibliography of articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from prehistoric times to the present.

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Bibliography of Native North Americans

- A bibliographic database covering all aspects of native North American culture, history, and life. It contains more than 80,000 citations for books, essays, journal articles, and government documents of the United States and Canada.

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CBCA Reference/Current Events

- Wide variety of Canadian periodicals and news sources

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Additional Databases


This guide lists selected print and electronic sources of information on INDIGENOUS LEARNING. It is intended to provide useful starting points for doing research in the library or on the Internet. For more general electronic reference sources, see Online Encyclopedias, etc.  For further assistance, ask at the Reference Desk on the Main Floor of the Library.


Aboriginal peoples: resources pertaining to First Nations, Inuit and Métis. 6th ed. (Located on Paterson 5th Floor (NSRC): E 78 C2M34 2000; Supplement available on Paterson 5th Floor (NSRC): North E 78 C2M34).

Barkwell, Lawrence, Leah Dorion and Darren R. Prefontaine. Resources for Métis researchers. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. Z 1209.2 C2B36 1999). Listing of resources written for, by and about the Métis people of North America.

Hoxie, Frederick E. and Harvey Markowitz. Native Americans: an annotated bibliography. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. Z 1209.2 N67H68 1991).

Johansen, Bruce E. (comp). Native American political systems and the evolution of democracy: an annotated bibliography. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. Z 1210 I7J65 1996).

Newberry Library Center for the History of the American Indian Bibliographic Series. Each of the 21 volumes in the series covers a specific subject area such as Canadian Indian Policy, the Ojibwas or Native American women. The series is located in the Ref. Z 1209.2 1210 classification on Main Floor.

Osterreich, Shelley Anne (comp). Native North American Shamanism: an annotated bibliography. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. Z 1209.2 N67O77 1999). Includes a representative sample of published material on Native North American Shamanism.

White, Philip M. Bibliography of Native American bibliographies. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Z 1209.2 N67W55 2004).



Bataille, Gretchen M. and Laurie Lisa (eds.). Native American women: a biographical dictionary. 2nd ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 98 W8B38 2001). Biographical entries are arranged alphabetically. Source is enhanced by 4 appendixes which index the entries by area of specialization, chronologically, geographically and by tribal affiliation.

Johansen, Bruce E. and Donald A. Grinde Jr. The encyclopedia of Native American biography: six hundred life stories of important people from Powhatan to Wilma Mankiller. 1st ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 89 J69 1997). Contains 600 biographical entries covering the time period from the arrival of Europeans to the present day.

Johnson, Troy R. Distinguished Native American spiritual practitioners and healers. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 89 J73 2002). A compendium of the lives and practices of 100 Native American healers and spiritual healers.

Malinowski, Sharon (ed.). Notable Native Americans. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 89 N67 1995). Contains biographical and bibliographical information on over 265 notable Native North American men and women, both historical figures and contemporary individuals.

Malinowski, Sharon and Simon Glickman(eds.). Native North American biography 2 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 89 N395 1996).

Waldman, Carl. Biographical dictionary of American Indian history to 1900. Rev. ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 89 W35 2001). Includes biographical material on native history (both Canadian and American) from the early contact period between Indians and whites through to the end of the 19th century.


The Online Catalogue lists books and government publications on Native Peoples. Searching can be performed through subject searching using terms for specific native groups such as:


Subject searching can also be perfomred using the name of a specific tribe such as:


There will also be material relating collectively to all three native groups in Canada, that is, Indians, Métis and
Inuit, under the subject heading:


Searching can also be performed through keyword in title searching. In addition to the above terms use terms
such as:



Aboriginal innovations in arts, science & technology. (Located on Paterson 5th Floor (NSRC): North & University Collection E 91 A23 2002).

Bastian, Dawn E and Judy K Mitchell (eds.). Handbook of Native American mythology. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 98 R3B26 2004). Champagne, Duane (ed.). Chronology of Native North American history: from pre-Columbian times to the present. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref E 77 C555 1994).

Champagne, Duane (ed.). Chronology of Native North American history: from pre-Columbian times to the present. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref E 77 C555 1994).

Champagne, Duane (ed.). Native North American almanac: a reference work on Native North Americans in the United States and Canada. 2nd ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 77 N377 2001). Provides both historical and contemporary information about Native peoples of North America.

Crawford, Suzanne J. and Dennis F. Kelley. American Indian religious traditions: an encyclopedia. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 98 R3C755 2005).

Fixico, Donald L.  Treaties with American Indians:  an encyclopedia of rights, conflicts, and sovereignty.  3 vols.  (Located on Paterson Main Floor:  Ref. KF 8203.6 T74 2008).

Hirschfelder, Arlene and Paulette Molin. Encyclopedia of Native American religions: an introduction. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 98 R3H73 2000).

Klein, Barry T. Reference encyclopedia of the American Indian. 7th ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 76.2 R33 1995). This work contains both American and Canadian listings. Included is a bibliography of approximately 4,500 in print books and 2,500 biographical sketches of prominent Native Americans.

Lyon, William S. Encyclopedia of Native American healing. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 98 M4L96 1996).

Lyon, William S. Encyclopedia of Native American Shamanism: sacred ceremonies of North America. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 98 M4L963 1998). This is a continuation of the Encyclopedia of Native American healing. The two works are designed to complement each other.

Malinowski, Sharon and Anna Sheets (eds.). Gale encyclopedia of Native American tribes. 4 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 77 G15 1998). Contains historical, cultural and current information on nearly 400 Native groups.

McClinton-Temple, Jennifer and Alan Velie. Encyclopedia of American Indian literature. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. PS 153 I52E53 2007).

Sturtevant, William C. (ed.). Handbook of North American Indians. 17 vols. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: Ref. E 76.2 H36). This set gives an encyclopedic summary of existing knowledge on the prehistory, history and cultures of the aboriginal peoples of North America, north of Central Mexico.

Thompson, William Norman. Native American issues: a reference handbook. 2nd ed. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: E 98 T77T56 2005).

Werness, Hope B. The Continuum encyclopedia of native art: worldview, symbolim, and culture in Africa, Oceania, and native North America. (Located on Paterson Main Floor: E 98 A7W49 2000).


Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (final report). 5 vols. (Located on Paterson Ground Floor: CODOC CA1 Z1 91A41). Full text also available online.

Government Sources

Acts, Agreements and Land Claims

Reports and Publications


  • Aboriginal Canada Portal
    Gateway to resources for organizations, claims/treaties, health, statistics, business, language and culture, government programs/services and much more. It includes a link to a searchable list of Aboriginal communities and links to worldwide related sites by geographic area.

  • Aboriginal Business Directory
    Industry Canada listing of companies related to Aboriginal businesses

  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC): Forms
    Includes links to forms for various Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) programs and services.

  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC): Funding
    Information on funding for programs, services and initiatives to First Nation, Inuit and Northern communities, government and individuals as well as to Aboriginal and Métis organizations.

  • Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada
    Federal site dealing with Residential Schools system; includes history, the 2007 Settlement Agreement, news, updates, questions and answers about school records, and alternate dispute resolution services available.

  • Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
    Links to recent news, education, health, organizations, land claims, form and economic opportunities and many more resources.

Statistical sources

  • 2006 Census of Canada: Aboriginal Population Profile
    This profile contains information on the Aboriginal identity population for various Canadian communities where the Aboriginal identity population count is 250 or more. Canadian communities include: cities, towns, villages, Indian reserves and Indian settlements, counties or their equivalents, and metropolitan areas.

  • 2006 Census Profile of Aboriginal Children, Youth and Adults
    Provides an extensive set of data about Aboriginal children, youth and adults (Métis, Inuit and off-reserve North American Indians) living in urban, rural and northern locations across Canada.

  • Aboriginal Offender Statistics
    Aboriginal Initiatives Directorate, Correctional Service Canada

  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Research and Statistics
    Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) conducts a wide range of research on Aboriginal and northern issues, such as education levels, average income and life expectancy of Aboriginal people and Northerners.
    From this web page, you can access research reports,statistics and other publications.

  • First Nations Profiles
    Profiles containing information about First Nations government, Tribal Council and reserves. Information is extracted from current Indian and Northern Affairs databases including the Band Classification Manual, Band Governance Management System, the Indian Lands Registry System, the Indian Government Support System and the Indian Register System. Profiles can be found by reserve or by First Nation.

    Provides access to datasets in a web-based data extraction system and allows the downloading of data into external statistical analysis packages. Data and documentation from the Aboriginal Peoples Surveys from 1991 – 2006 as well as a host of other surveys are included.

  • Statistics Canada: Statistics by Subject – Aboriginal Peoples
    Includes links to statistical information for the total Aboriginal population and for the Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada. Information is also available on age, sex, geographical locations, and historical data where available.

Archival Sources

Images, Videos and Audio Clips

  • National Film Board of Canada
    Documentaries, animations and alternative drama are available free on the web from the National Film Board. Aboriginal peoples, rights, issues and perspectives are a few of the many subjects included.

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